Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Few Social Skills

Never apologize. Apologies could be taken as "admission" of guilt. Don't even sympathize. (An exception is made for obvious and explicit wrongs where there's no dispute.)

Never assert your "right" for "free speech." This could be taken "evidence" that you verbally attacked someone.

Never lie. Not even white lies. If you must lie, then it's always best to stay silent. Any lie will have unintended consequences.

Don't qualify yourself, even when someone accuses you of a wrong. Your qualification could be misconstrued as an attack or nagging.

Do assume that your words will be taken literally.

Do realize that people often have a overly suspicious "bullshit detector." Therefore, always sound genuine.

Always rephrase what other people say.

Here are some terms (used throughout this blog) which are changed for accuracy:

Message-passing paradigm -> Message-taking paradigm

"I laughed [at] someone/something" -> "I laughed" (Avoid saying "at" after "laugh." Don't identify the person/object which "causes" your laughter.)

Social placebo effect / Social nocebo effect -> Self-fulfilling prophecy

Perceived Polarization -> Perceived Polarity

Justification confused with attack -> Qualification taken as an attack

Justification confused with advocacy -> Qualification taken as advocacy/nagging

Exaggeration to prove a point -> Perceived exaggeration

(Sometimes.) Main point -> Primary purpose

(Sometimes.) Punishment -> Perceived punishment

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