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Extensions of the State

An inverted index of List of Fully Parasitic Sectors, ordered by level of state fusion. When the state fully expands itself, it would be considered level 1. Levels increase by less state fusion.

level 1 (red market)

Extensions of the state. Contains government-granted sectors. This also includes state subsidized sectors, directly and indirectly funded. Because the state subsidizes or buys services from these sectors, firms cannot control price and quality.

The state must specify the criteria required by these services to subsidize them, to prevent misuse of funding to firms that do not validate to the criteria. For example, the state must specify the curricula for voucher-funded schools, otherwise the voucher-funded schools would misuse their funds to teach something unrelated to education. The state also must regulate the curricula to the schools that they give student loans to.

military-industrial complex
Private contractors lobby the state for wars. It funds war propaganda for the state to fund war.
security-industrial complex
Unneeded, free market security firms would provide them.
prison-industrial complex
These lobby victimless 'crimes' such as drug laws to get more prisoners to profit.
university-industrial complex
The state funds universities to spread propaganda. An article
Internet sector
Net "neutrality" regulations prohibit competitors.
The energy companies fund roads specifically designed for cars so cars would use energy. Claim hundreds of deaths and injuries.
education vouchers
Purely extensions of the government. Restricts these curricula to prevent abuse of funding that they do not approve.
state granted organizations
Public universities, etc.
student loans
central bank
banking sector
The central bank funds these.
They lawyers make laws more complicated so they would benefit because they make the laws. The lawyers indoctrinate individuals to be agents to report every violation to the police. The low supply of lawyers limits the number of firms that employ them. And creates artificial economies of scale for firms that employ them due to high prices due to high demand. If everybody is an independent contractor or if there are many small businesses, the number of lawyers too small and little.
Similar to the lawyers limits the number of firms and creates artificial efficiencies.
tax preparation
Tax preparation companies legislate complicated tax regulations so they would profit. They own many "tax patents" so they retain a monopoly in efficient tax preparation.
trade agreements
labor unions
Labor unions control pricing and hence controls quality of the jobs
urban planning
The urban planning sector restricts business development in residential areas. This would make workers consume more energy to drive to their business everyday. The energy companies lobby the urban planning sector to profit from selling energy to workers everyday when they drive to work.
patented sector - drugs, machinery, electronics, equipment, business methods, etc.
Bureaucrats working to legislate government regulations would hold stocks of a corporation, then legislate a monopoly on the corporation so they would profit from the stocks that they hold in a corporation.

Federal employees own stocks of many companies and then make regulations to benefit the company so he would profit.
Patent examiners would own stocks of a company and then grant that company patents so he would profit.
subsidized housing
Examples include Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Bailouts to inflate.

level 2 (pink market)

The state goes through a highly restricted approval process, but does not fund or buy these services. The approval process and regulations restrict the supply of firms, which results in high prices, but firms still have the ability to compete for prices. Ergo firms have some degree of control of price, but not quality. Price and quality may still be thousands of times worse - same as level 1.

medical-industrial complex
The whole medical sector is parasitic. Physicians are licensed to prescribe drugs for the pharmaceutical companies. The licenses are written by big-pharmacy. The damage done from high prices from licensing that restrict the supply of doctors is very little compared to the damage done from physicians who diagnose false. When the physicians diagnose false, it results in drug addiction which causes side-effects. In order to correct the side-effects, more drugs are addicted.
civil engineering
The government subsidies these industries, and due to huge corruption and bureaucratic inefficiency, it parasitically robs a large fraction economy to the civil engineers.
Due to building codes, it suppresses smaller businesses to compete.
Psychiatrists that study non-existent disorders such as autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and others legislate regulations so psychiatrists would diagnose them. Psychiatry is pseudoscience. They conflate correlation with causation.
The strict certification process.
non-subsidized "private" education
The state strictly controls the curricula taught in these schools.
The "free trade agreements" contain corporate privileges, quotas, duties, licensing and regulatory requirements. This industry lobbies favorable tariffs that raises the price of imports and exports by hundreds of times.
Net neutrality regulations raises costs of lines and inhibits innovation.
The state regulates electricity companies
Water supply
Highly subsidized, confiscation of money

level 3 (white market)

The general white market, moderate state regulation distorts and creates inefficiencies. Firms have a relatively large degree of freedom to behave similarly as they would in a free market, with the oligopolies and artificial economies of scale. Frequently lobbying the state, these actions considered as parasitic.

non-profit firms
The state arbitrarily exempt taxes on some activities but not others (basically limits the activities)
The state exempt taxes on "capital goods," Government arbitrarily determines if a good's category fits in "capital goods," basically distorts goods and services
financial industry
Though the current financial industry likes to steal money, such as parasitically lobby government to inflate, the financial industry, intrinsically, does a useful job in the free market. The speculators know internal information about the interest rates. They has grown too large, and embezzeles the majority of the wealth.
regulatory capture
food industry

limits some non-FDA approved foods

level 4 (black market)

The black market, state does not control these, but due to risks to state takeover, these firms operate less than their maximum efficiency.

unlicensed businesses
high prices due to risk of state
immigrant transport industry
too risky
illegal drugs
high prices & monopoly
high prices & monopoly

level 5 (free market)

Market anarchism, no threat of state, optimal efficiency.

Religion--although religious individuals advertise this fraud, the existence does not depend on the existence of the state. Less intelligent individuals do not realize the obvious contradiction in religion.

Pandemics, such as AIDS--This does not depend on the state.

Authoritarian parenting--This does not depend on the state.

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